Bed Bug Bites - How to Identify The Symptoms and Relieve the Itch

Published: 14th May 2010
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Information about bed bug bites, how to identify the symptoms, effects caused by the bites, and information on how to relieve the itch caused by the bites.

First of all, it's important for you to realize most people probably won't even know or feel that they have been bitten because bed bugs bites are painless and they usually feed at night when you're sleeping.

Bed bugs locate their host by sensing the body heat and the carbon dioxide given off by their victim. After reaching its host, the bed bug then bites and injects anticoagulants (to keep the blood from clotting) and anesthetics (so no pain is felt); before drawing blood out of the bite wound.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Bed Bug Bite?

In many cases, people who are bitten may not realize that the bites are from bed bugs. In fact, a lot of victims mistake the bites of bed bugs for bites made by mosquitoes or other common insects. Sometimes, even a doctor may mistake them for a skin rash or an allergic reaction.

But once you know what are the symptoms of a bed bug bite, it becomes easy to identify the bites made by bed bugs.

One of the major signs of bed bug bites are raised red bumps that are often found in a distinctive linear arrangement on the skin. Skin rash and intense itching may result from the bites, but the itching can take several minutes to a few hours to develop.

In the event that you experience bites on your hand, body and legs every night, another check is to take a close visual examination of your covers, sheets, and mattress. Bed bugs, especially the adults, are visible to the unaided eye, so a thorough search of the bed coverings may reveal the true cause for the bites.

Are Bed Bug Bites Harmful?

Although bed bugs bites are a nuisance and can cause severe irritation in some people, the bites are harmless and not known to spread diseases.

How To Treat The Itch Caused By Bed Bug Bites?

A quick fix is to run lukewarm water over the bites for a minute or so; this will reduce the swelling and provide some comfort.

For a stronger treatment, take an antihistamine or buy a cream that is designed to reduce swelling and relieve itching from insect bites (including bed bug bites).

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