Get Rid of Vaginal Odor

Published: 25th January 2010
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Vaginal odor can be very annoying, embarrassing and sometimes a downright humiliating problem for a woman. Left untreated, a smelly genital odor may cause a woman physiological problems resulting in her to be emotionally (stress) and more self conscious; thereby affecting her personal, social and professional life.

While it is natural for every healthy women to have a particular feminine scent, however if you suddenly notice a strong unpleasant, fishy vaginal odor with discharge that is white, gray or yellowish, it can be a sign of a bacterial infection with one likely main culprit - bacterial vaginosis.

The causes of vaginal odor can vary. According to doctors, a woman may develop a foul smelling genital odor when her vagina has an overgrowth of "bad" bacteria. This can be due reasons such as poor hygiene, excessive washing, douching, wearing of tight clothes and using of scented body washes which can cause vaginal bacterial infection.

While having a smelly feminine odor is indeed an embarrassing feminine health problem, vaginal odor can be treated and eliminated. If you are concern about unpleasant genital odor, try the following vaginal odor remedies:

Avoid wearing tight underwear and pants. Constricting panties or panty hose may block the flow of air to the vaginal region, causing you to sweat more which could exacerbate your condition. Replace them with loose, breathable cotton panties to improve proper air circulation and allow the vagina to breath. To keep your vaginal clean and odor free, change your panties daily too.

Get rid of vaginal odor by maintaining good personal hygiene. Wash your vagina daily with warm water and unscented soap. Avoid using scented soaps or body wash since they can actually irritate and worsen the problem. Alternatively, you can also use one of the feminine wipes (that are pH balance) commonly available in stores.

To minimize vaginal odor, you may also want to try wearing panty liners since they help to absorb any excess moisture and vaginal discharge. Keep a few in your bag if you are having discharge quite regularly.

Yogurt have been found to be helpful for some women to eliminate vaginal odor. Containing healthy bacteria that can help prevent the over growth of yeast, eating a cup of yogurt daily can be beneficial in preventing yeast infection and eliminating bacterial vaginosis.

Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties that also make it an effective natural remedy. Place a few drops of tea tree essential oil into a cup of lukewarm water. Stir to blend, and then use this mixture to wash your vagina to get rid of any vaginal discharge odor.

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